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q-wert will suggest and implement the right software for you, and advise you as to the advantages and disadvantages of each application.

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We find economical web solutions to facilitate the worldwide distribution of your products.

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TYPO3, one of the fastest growing CMSes. In short TYPO3 is a web content management framework for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets.

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Competence in the technological field regardless of whether it is in Typo3 and Social Software, XHTML and PHP, AJAX and Web 2.0, WAP and Flash Lite or Google & Co.

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We are certain: only user-friendly design is good design.

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Be it the reservation of your internet domain, the administrative handling of a server change. We guarantee an optimal, stable and flexible network and thus the best basis for the success of your Communication.

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News archive

12-09-2011 | Channel Management, Booking Engine, Facebook moderation

[...] Newly integrated have been various marketing channels and a booking engine for guest apartments. The association also communicates via Facebook and Twitter. In the picture: S. Meisel (rental management), son of Peter C. (Chairman), S. Dissmer (Project Manager,

15-08-2011 | multilingual typo3 CMS member area community

[...] Via video-conference of the preliminary step is presented regularly to the members. Last Saturday in London we presented to 12 associations the status of development.

25-07-2011 | iPad iOS iPhone cross browser comlient

[...] Today, of course, such a portal has to function seamlessly on all platforms, browsers, mobile devices and Tablet PCs. So Q-WERT had to complete various accessibility modifications to the page templates and media formats.

15-10-2009 | Deployment XML-RPC Agentur SAP Java DBAL TYPO3 escalation strategy

The 'Gran Teatre del Liceu' is the greatest Opera Hall in the Catalan Capital Barcelona. It is placed at the Ramblas right in the Center. In September 2009 was contracted for the IT Service Management (ITSM) for the deployment of the future website into the IT production environment.

Concepts of deployment are to be developed such as Support Deployment or defect prioritization and resolution time periods.

Partner for the new portal of the Opera are the agency 'Maria Barcelona' and ''.

01-10-2009 | Hosting E-Learning Server Full Service Web

The ASET is aided by the spanish administration for labour and immigration and the European social fonds.

The Federal Republic of Germany subsidizes this project. In October 2009 the contract was signed. takes over the services platform former supplied by Siemens Spain.

03-09-2009 | TYPO3 Video YouTube Online Game Poker

[...] Those are the chapters of the two Clips:
Chapter 1: Framework & Platform: Approval- and Workspace extension
Chapter 2: Handshake TYPO3 and Client framework
Chapter 3: Data interchange in Detail, XML Export via Hooks in TYPO3
Chapter 4: Replace TYPO3 Backend with user Backend
Chapter 5: 3 Domains, 30 Languages and 80 countries
Chapter 6: A international developer team
Chapter 7: Delicacies in Ireland

YouTube - Video-Project report [clic here]

01-04-2008 | Consulting, Typo3 Team, Training, Workshop

Each team developed its own strategies, reflecting the distribution of responsibilities within their own company.

12-03-2008 | qzilla, Firefox Add on developer, Typo3 Extention, Addresses Typo3

[...] q-Zilla gives fast access to the Typo3 address DB without having to browse thru it's backoffice. If users for instance have the address-DB used for Newsletter Subscriptions they can quickly look up users email and even call them directly via Skype....

To use this plugin, you need to install the TYPO3 extension from the Extension Repository on and the Firefox extension from (or find them below)

Firefox Add-on download: [click here]

TYPO3 Extension download: [click here]

06-11-2007 | Company presentation, Webdesign, representing, Typo3

[...] Sponsored by the city of Barcelona, the BarcelonaActiva initiative is a business aid program for young, innovative companies in the fields of technology, new media and the Internet. We're thrilled to be able to play a part in such a creative scene!

18-10-2007 | Podcast, Typo3, Editorial, Audiobook, Agency

[...] Especially since many of the themes that were dealt with (for the first time ever) in Frankfurt have been part of our daily business for so long now: apart from the industry's new media segments like audio books, one of the focal points of the diversified discussion program was podcasting. This is an area we have been successfully productive in for some time now. In such, the contents presented in Frankfurt attracted a large amount of interest. To sum up: Frankfurt is always worth a visit! 

15-09-2007 | Ajax, Typo3, Usability, Plugin, Extension, Plug in

[...] Aside from new insights in human cognitive development and the emotional aspects of software ergonomics, some tried-and-tested practical examples were also presented. In this area as well, had come up with a new development: the "Doc-q-Cart" extension presented at the conference allows web page contents like text or images to be dragged and dropped to a shopping cart. They can then be batch printed as a PDF file.

04-06-2007 | Installation, Wordpress Open Source, PHP

[...] After the fusion of HLX and Hapagfly on 15 January 2007 the existing blog was revamped and ported to Wordpress. Porting by was carried out in 6 weeks and can now be accessed at For 2007, has set its aim at transporting 13.5 million passengers with its 56 aeroplanes. The total number of routes is currently at 75 destinations in 17 countries.

06-02-2007 | Presentation,design,trade,construction,website

Summary: "The concept of the homepage is well thought out and not only provides a lot of information about the company but also about construction in general. Everything is very much in a nutshell."
We congratulate Wallbrecht and look forward to further joint successes.

30-01-2007 | Alexa,success,search engine,agency

Alexa, known for the Alexa Toolbar, the Alexa Traffic Statistics or the WayBack Machine, was taken over in 1999 by Amazon and is one of the largest data mining companies in the WorldWide Web. Alexa's data bank comprises more than 4 billion Web documents. Alexa confirmed that has had a 43% rise in traffic from November 2006 to February 2007.

13-12-2006 | Firefox,tt_address,Typo3,extension

[...] is the first to integrate the address data bank of Typo3 in the Firefox sidebar via the Typo3/Firefox extension 'q-zilla'. q-zilla is available as of 15 March 2007 at or at

22-10-2006 | Nike,Barcelona,agency,Europe
[...] Michael Jeffrey Jordan (*17 February 63), 1.98 m, played between 1984 and 2003 in the NBA. Jordan was selected NBA's Most Valuable Player Award five times, won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and two gold medals at the Olympic Games.

Nike presented the new Jumpman 23 designs inspired by Michael Jordan.
The visit was part of a promotion tour through France, England, Germany, Spain and Italy in October. Wow!

19-10-2006 | Web agency,mail,provider,hosting
[...] So as to ensure safe and smooth operation, we endeavor to maintain our hard- and software abreast with the latest developments. Therefore, you may look forward to a further increase in performance of our mailserver as of 21 Oct. 2006.

19-09-2006 | Charity,hosting,non-profit,CMS
[...] Zimbabwe, Sambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tansania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. His aim is to gain aid for the development of socioeconomic structures in Africa.

14-09-2006 | Online marketing,Typo3 agency

[...] Since September 2006 Jutta Damer has been supporting our team in dealing with new customers marketing.

10-08-2006 | Cumbuco,booking Typo3,reservations
[...] In addition to various views of the interiors and photos of the surroundings, one can make a reservation or follow what other kitesurfers are experiencing.

11-07-2006 | Telemarketing, Typo3, conversion

[...] Prodi@log is a telemarketing company which has been operating successfully since 2001. Their clients include, among others, the weekly journal Der Spiegel, Siemens, and SAP. has been entrusted with the relaunch of Prodi@log's homepage and will set it up in the CMS Typo3.

19-06-2006 | Internet agency,CMS Typo3,sports
[...] in the field of youth work a platform for presenting their work and marketing upcoming events to the greater public. looks forward to realizing this project in Typo3 for the Sportjugend Niedersachsen.

24-05-2006 | Organization, Typo3, event, CMS
[...] The culture management program Spoool was developed over a period of 3 years and officially presented at the Pavillon Hannover on 17 and 19 May 2006.

Upcoming info sessions:

Kiel - 06 Oct 06
Potsdam - 08 Oct 06

For further information and registration:

10-05-2006 | Typo3, DTM, agency, 24 h, Nrburgring
[...] This season the Phoenix team's drivers Christian Abt and Pierre Kaffer will be handling Audi A4 DTMs. Their website will be Typo3-powered by

27-03-2006 | Internet agency, XHML, CSS
[...] has been entrusted with the relaunch of his Website, offering new navigation and overall design.

20-03-2006 | Internet agency, Typo3 freelancer required, Typo3 job, XHML, CSS
[...] Please forward your complete application with convincing examples of your work by e-mail. (No Flash please!).

13-03-2006 | Typo3 internet agency , Spoool, calendar, events
[...] Its strength lies in the centralized entering and management of various editorial areas. (Register by 10 May 2006). With the kind cooperation of Landesverband Soziokultur Niedersachsen (LAGS) and Kultur- & Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon.

06-03-2006 | Typo3 agency, porting, Flash
[...] For a better integration in Google,the current Macromedia Flash page is to be converted to conform with the XHTML standard.

17-02-2006 | Typo3 agency podcast, video, rss, mp3
[...] To suscribe to the podcast, e.g. in iTunes, just move the URL address to your Podcast library or choose "Subscribe to Podcast" from the menu "Advanced". Now enter the URL address into the displayed field.

RSS feed

16-02-2006 | Typo3 job, freelancer required

  • very good knowledge of Typo3
  • very good knowledge of and work experience in PHP
  • competence in HTML, Java Script and CSS
Please forward your complete application by e-mail.

06-02-2006 | Typo3 documentation, XML, user manual, DocBook
[...] DocBook is an open standard, setup and maintained by the 'Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)'. By means of stylesheets one can create print and online formats such as PDF and HTML from DocBook (Crossmedia publishing).

Also, the Typo3 documentation will successively ported to the DocBook format.

01-02-2006 | Typo3 extension, repository, free download, Typo3 extension
[...] This can be pictures, texts or news. On leaving the webpage the contents of the shopping cart is not bought but is rendered as a PDF file or can be printed out.

17-01-2006 | Shopping portal, Typo3 CMS,news
[...] In addition to the information architecture, this mainly comprises the entire technological base in Typo3. The goal is a scalable, largely process-automated solution, which includes individual interfaces in the backend. Functions are e.g. choice of design for each shop, payment by credit card, Product catalogs, access to external user data bank, Macromedia Flash city guide, offers and generated news.

08-12-2005 | Server Performance Monitoring
[...] Deviations from the standard are immediately detected and reported to the responsible person.

01-12-2005 | Design, print, brochure
[...] Our profile brochure can also be downloaded from here. [click here]

10-11-2005 | Typo3 CMS, conference, workshop
[...] Two of the conference days were dedicated to providing the participants with expert information in the form of lectures . On the third day there was a choice of various workshops. We are grateful for the abundant interest in our work.

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