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With many completed e-commerce solutions under our belt, we have introduced many clients to the possibilities of worldwide distribution via the internet and set up their own customised online shop.

No more closing times and very easy to use.

Naturally, most of the common forms of payment are supported:

"The whole is more than the sum of the individual components. q-wert is highly competent, is more than able with regard to problem solution and offers very good service. q-wert is the guarantee for long-term high-level customer satisfaction. q-wert always delivers perfect custom solutions in the projects we initiate."

(9600 sports clubs, 2.86 million members, 70 employees)

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E-commerce We know our stuff

Economical web solutions for worldwide sales

Our online shop system offers a clearly organized view of your products or services - your clients can view the necessary information before deciding to place the article in the shopping cart. Afterwards the clients can, of course, print out their order or have it confirmed via e-mail.

q-wert helps you compile your spectrum of services from the following modules.

Some of the components you can include ...

  • to orally communicate your product information in many languages, utilizing our extensive pool of competent native speakers.
  • to enhance your corporate identity using carefully focused sound design.

For example, you want a connection to existing enterprise resource planning system? No problem...

Information and transactions being available around the clock, you will gain you bonus points with regard to customer service, transform services from marketing and distribution into self-service offers and save costs. A portal tuned to your enterprise simplifies internal processes and ensures that all processes concerning purchase and sales are coordinated.

[...] q-wert brings the current weather situation and forecast to your domain.

[...] Webcams show your clients the progress of your latest construction project, what is going on in your branch office or at the entrance to your main office.

[...] Use the news section at your website: In a password-secured administration section, you can, without much ado, compile and edit news, and insert any number of pictures. q-wert will program and configure the news section according to your specific requirements.

[...] This can be protected by a password if you so wish. A further highlight is the automatic update function: The listed events are always up to date, as passed dates are automatically made invisible.

[...] By means of specific queries the applicant is lead to respond to individual requirements of the job profile.

Result: less inquiries and an efficient preselection!

[...] publish balance sheets and turnover forecasts or reproduce various test reports together. Thus, you provide both clients and members of the press with an incentive to contact your company and have a powerful instrument at your disposal to directly influence your public image.

[...] The online gallery provides the visitor with a visual impression of your company, your products or your services!

[...] The use and updating of your texts and pictures in your database can be handled without any knowledge of programming.

[...] After having logged in via a password, your employees can look up information concerning work times and shifts. Team leaders can, of course, make necessary changes to the roster. Dates and times of meetings can also be scheduled here.

[...] With the help of an online questionnaire you can evaluate the expertise of your employees and subsequently offer specific training courses or seminars, so as to maintain the high standard of your company.



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